Rental Events lasting 5 Hours or More
In-District Fee:  $175
Out-of-District Fee:  $225

$150 Security deposit is required at time of reservation.
$50 of the deposit will go towards your balance.
$100 cleaning deposit is refundable.

Rental Events lasting 4 Hours or Less
$30 per hour for Adult Events
$20 per hour for Youth Events

Office Space
$300 per month per room including utilities.
To reserve the facility, please fill out the form on our Contact page or email us at:

*Alcoholic Beverages on District Properties If alcoholic beverages are provided for and/or consumed by guests of the applicant, applicant shall guarantee compliance with Chapter 235 of the Illinois Compiled Statues, which statute prohibits the sale of delivery but not the consumption of alcoholic beverages in a building belonging to or under the control of the Winnebago County Forest Preserve District property. However, if participants are charged a fee for the event, Dram Shop Insurance is mandatory and a copy of the Certificate of Insurance must be supplied prior to authorization.