About Seward Park District

The Seward Park District was officially formed in November 2012.   The Seward Park District offers office, retail, gymnasium and meeting space available for monthly and single use rental.  The Park District also offers several events and programs for residents and non-residents.  The Seward Park District meets once a month on the second Tuesday of every month at 7:00pm.  We welcome you to attend a meeting to share your thoughts and ideas for the Park District. 

Seward Park District Mission Statement
To enhance the quality of life for residents of Seward Park District by offering a balance of quality programs in the areas of education, preservation, and recreation for individuals of all ages and abilities.

President - Katryna Kirby
Vice-President - Scott Whitney 
Treasurer - Anthony Capriola
Secretary - Ali Behn
Commissioner - Cletus Hoppe

L to R: Cletus Hoppe, Scott Whitney, Ali Behn, Katryna Kirby, Anthony Capriola